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Find a Club - International 

American Vaulting Association:

New vaulting programs are continually starting at riding centers across the U.S. If you are looking for a vaulting program, we'll be happy to help you find one!

Africa: - Vaulting for Africa

British Equestrian Vaulting​:

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has ambitious targets to increase the number of participants riding, driving and vaulting in England as part of our legacy from the London 2012 Games

Canada: - Cheam Vaulters

                    Sundance Vaulters

                    Manstream Vaulters

English Vaulting Squad:
The EVS was formed in 2000 by a group of committed vaulters and parents who wished to advance up to International level.

Free Artists Creative Equestrians:

Devon Maitozo-Free Artists Creative Equestrians strives to evolve equestrian vaulting into a unique performance of gymnastics and dance. Our mission is to enthrall our audiences and promote our vision of the sport as a performing art.

Kai Vorberg- Germany:

Favourite saying-If you can think about it, you can do it! ( Albert Einstein)


KCM Vaultinghorses :

Netherlands-KCM Vaultinghorses trains and sell a wide range of vaulters horses ready for all levels of vaulting-

Wee Country Vaulters:

The Wee County was founded in 2001 by John and Jane Eccles. Since then our club has grown and we now have 6 horses and about 30 members.

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