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Vaulting at the XI FIP World Polo Championships

Vaulting NSW was invited to participate in the XI FIP World Polo Championships being held at Sydney Polo Club from 21 to 29 October 2017 by putting together demonstrations to entertain and educate the public, alongside other equestrian disciplines.

What an exciting opportunity! A chance to be a part of an equestrian event on a world-scale, in the heart of the Hawkesbury. An area brimming with equestrian pursuits, covering all disciplines. The venue is exquisite. Expansive, immaculate fields, connected by manicured gardens and tree lined corridors. Equestrian heaven!

We were also afforded the opportunity to participate in the opening ceremony, a challenge that we embraced. Two horses, two lungers and four vaulters joined the opening parade. They rose to the occasion, vaulting whilst our trusty horses were led around the perimeter of the international polo field, amongst horses from other disciplines, and bounded by the enthusiastic public.

We then provided a demonstration showcasing vaulting through the levels from grass roots to advanced, including individual, PDD and squads. Commentary was expertly provided by Jenny Scott, as she explained our sports intricacies to the spellbound public. We were fortunate to be able to do performances covering both ends of the weeklong event. In all, we presented six horses and twenty-two vaulters over two days.

What an amazing opportunity to showcase equestrian vaulting. With special thanks to Peter Higgins and his team for including vaulting in their program, to our horses, vaulters and lungers who proudly and professionally presented our sport and to our committee for their tireless dedication to vaulting.

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